From Issue 13: Trouble in Paradise

Bradley Rundblade
A comet needs to take us out
For light is the law
And we’ve lost it
We’ve gone blind
A planet full of darkness
The roads broken up
Painted over rust
Been swept beneath the carpet
Our pride has gotten the best of us
Seas riddled with plastic
Radiation in our blood
We must submit
That history is in the dust
We are watchers of disconnect
Silent sentinels
Occupants of disgust
Our existence bred out of love and trust
These ideas are endangered now
Like arcane concepts
We chose the path of least resistance
The path of spoon-fed thought
As hurricanes on Saturn erupt
Some wonder where it all went wrong
While others laugh it off.

Brad Rundblade lives in Los Angeles and splits his time composing, screenwriting, filmmaking and creating as many memories as he can with his family. He’s had short stories and poetry published and has also helped produced award winning music videos for his band Emerald Portal.