From Issue 13: Oyate Tamakoce

Bino Realuyo
“Land of the people” – Apache
The flying now exist – no more for man –
   –    Sonnet V, David Humphreys
Dear flying now, another morning of air
held within, fraught in the Crowd racing through
trains, towers, time. Above, below, everywhere
really: Air-less, boxed hearts, hive minds.
What’s become of placid water, free air,
of Oyate Tamakoce? (Apache word, reclaimed)
Sacred buffalo, gone (also gone: circle of chants
about the single descent of an autumn leaf).
In its place, life drinking fossil blood. Water in bottles.
And I—the observer—only eye the interstices
of our now: love maneuvered by fingers on devices,
language in fragments, a museum of pixels.
Dear tomorrow, another flying hour wondering
where you are. Where is the light when I need to find
you? Where are the roses when I need to find light?

Bino A. Realuyo’s poem Oyate Tamakoce is from a recently completed collection of ninety-nine sonnets titled, The Rebel Sonnets.  He is the author of the poetry collection, The Gods We Worship Live Next Door.  He lives in New York City.