From Issue 13: Actually

Oscarine Malabele

Actually, nothing is wrong with how a woman wears her mini dress
Or tight clothing if your mind is well and fully dressed
The wrong is with the women and then men with unclothed minds spilling a fill of nonsense
The women of my culture would bear their erect breasts to sun freely
Knowing that the men of our clan see their children born naked
To tell of the truth
One’s attire matters nothing of any percentage to a pornographic observance, it is already filled with stripped contemplations
The question I will to ask is;
Have you ever noted how dressing naked wears no sense,
Who unclothed us with clothes?
Then slopped fornication into the minds of slobbering women and men?
Is it not the mind that requires long dressed?

Oscarine Malabele is an unassuming 32-year-old human spilling with words and love. Her birth land is in South Africa, Bushbuckridge. She loves all art, in all of its different forms; helplessly.