From Issue 10: 1915


Sean Sam
The searchlight scans along
the wakes and the water.
The enemy and the sea
both wait and welter in the dark.
Along the waves, it drops and dips
in the spray, it sways
—something writhes with a splash.
Awake and in time with ideas
of death sliding underneath and inside,
the gunners bend at the bow.
Slapped on the sea, the shape of a hull
blinks on the surface.  A splash
of fire spoils the year.
Sinking then showing again,
the shape dies as the light
meets a new color in the current.
Later, seagulls circle around
chunks of flesh floating
up from the dead whale’s bloat.
Sean Sam is a writer living in Maryland, USA. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he studied philosophy. His most recent work has appeared in 99 Pine Street, East Jasmine Review, and Bird’s Thumb. He can be found online at