Featured: Linda, Asleep

Eric Dovigi
Listen to the poem below:

I just got my heart busted and now I canʼt dream straight.
Everything comes out cracked
And splintered.
I used to have nighthoughts about little monsters
That burst round the bedroom in smiles and fur;
Now I only see shards of many-colored glass
Spinning and spinning in the air,
And broke-up phrases of music, violin music,
Old-people music mostly, I think.
And the little monsters go in and out of the dreams in curves
And round bends with train-whistle songs under the violin music
And conductors of symphonies and stations with their arms in the air!
In the very air!
Wild beasts.
I just got my heart busted,
And now everything is like a coloring-book After my little sisterʼs got to it,
And you donʼt know where you are.
Like the lines were never there!
Now Iʼm living like the lines were never even there.
Best thingʼs ever happened to me, I think, getting my heart busted.
Eric Dovigi lives and makes art in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has had a short story accepted for publication by the University of Madrid’s Journal of Artist Creation and Literary Research, and he works at a bookstore.