Featured: Orlando

Matthew Corey
Listen to the poem below.

You’re not following me out
of the Brooklyn Publick House
but the Berkshires instead
in 1999, the night
your stepfather
was hit by lightning
in a fishing boat
on a lake in Orlando
casting off despite
storm warnings.
Are you thinking about it, too,
as the door opens. Your arms
on my shoulders, following
me down a trail, trial
laced with pitfalls – rocks, divots
clefts (the twelve years it’s been?)
at three or four in the morning.

IMG_1384Matthew Corey is a writer living in Brooklyn. He was a runner up in the Lascaux Review’s 2014 Short Fiction Prize, and has poetry published or pending in Travel-tainted: Turtle Point Press Review and Weasel Press’s Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones.