Featured: How the Two Points Meet

Justin Goodman
Listen to the poem below.

Desire is a glowering fire, and the tungsten filament
Keeps away the Evil Eye. How many Nazar does it take?
When the beads blink with light, it is enough;
When iris by iris they change shade, it is enough;
When the blackened world grows wild with bright, enough,
I have seen enough to hold my arm over this sea,
Its nymph wings rising, and watch
The wings speak tongues to the sky,
The arm’s dark side brimming with reflection
I swear I can see the fish in
As their fins flicker like photons,
Turning and crashing into each other imploringly:
Light wants to reproduce itself, but is shy.
It will not reach fathoms, but
It is enough to skim a skin’s gyrations (It is all).
Change is too swift, as the moment
You look into the sun or its simulacra
It blushes, turning away.
11825595_1017370508283259_162488451349943377_n (1)Justin Goodman earned his B.A. in Literature from SUNY Purchase with writing published in CounterExample Poetics, 352 Degrees and Italics Mine. He also has book reviews published in Cleaver Magazine, movie reviews published in Red Carpet Crash, and music reviews published in InYourSpeakers.