Featured: Promise Me

Todd Outcalt

In the encroaching ward, among the old ways,
Perhaps our eyes will meet yet in that hall
Where artificial hips and hope allays
The recognition of the other half, or all
The light, now dimmed by passing days,
Revokes the wheelchair or the final fall.
Let your yes be yes, your nays, nays,
So at the last our honesty stands tall
Against the lies our weakness prays.
And in that weary place, wrapped in a shawl,
May we be parted where love stays
And learn to live together, after all.
Listen to the poem here:

Todd Outcalt is the author of thirty books in six languages, including his first poetry collection, Where in the World We Meet (Chatter House Press).  His poetry has appeared in many publications including Rattle, The Oklahoma Review, and Poetry Quarterly.  He lives in Brownsburg, Indiana.