Featured: Masters of the Game

Masters of the Game
Monique Kluczykowski
My lover said there is a bonanza of bunnies
in Iowa City, right there in river city
but here in the Motor City there are murders, a murder
of crows darkly lying over the intrusion
of cockroaches into the bar where
a busyness of ferrets, deceitful lapwings,
huddle in one corner, a gulp of swallows,
leashed foxes athirst, fervent
to turn a buck, turn a page
on a poverty of pipers,
while outside the window planes
surge upward over burnt-out streets,
an exaltation of larks ascending
on incandescent wings
above a labour of moles,
a galaxy of forgotten beauty.
Monique Kluczykowski was born in Germany, educated in Texas and Kentucky, and currently lives in Iowa City. Her essays have appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education and Women in Higher Ed, and her most recent poems have been published in StepAway Magazine, Cactus Heart, and The Magnolia Review.