Featured Poem: "Holding On to the Past"

Carol Hamilton

Holding on to the Past
Only two surviving blood-line aunts,
two different bloodlines, one German,
one French and Irish.  Both the youngest
left to care for aging parent, both finding
in the past only complaint. One fathered
by failed farmer, failed store-owner,
fiery evangelist, the other town-reared,
depression poor, and last of the brood,
too poor for college by her turn,
her household headed (shocking then)
by divorcing mother, divorcing aunt.
My legacy is a soil mixed
of piety and rebellion.
Most everything blows away here,
and we are only now learning
to dwell on our collective past.
But resentments die hard.
They can even gloom up
one of our rare windless
and glorious spring days.
Carol (7) Carol Hamilton has recent publications in IODINE POETRY REVIEW, I-70 REVIEW, U.S.1 WORKSHEET, LILLIPUT, HUBBUB, BLUE UNICORN, SOW’S EAR POETRY, DISTRICT LIT, HAIGHT ASHBURY POETRY JOURNAL, TEXAS POETRY CALENDAR and others. She has published 17 books, the latest SUCH DEATHS. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.