Letter from the Editors, Issue 5, Winter 2015

Has it already been a year since two cities first sprang onto the page? It’s hard to believe that last March we had just begun our adventure with this literary journal. In that time we’ve seen tremendous growth of the magazine; we’ve seen readership bouncing upward with each issue, and a wave of new and talented writers sending in their submissions.
There’s other news, too; just in time for our one-year anniversary, we’re becoming a different Two Cities. Blair has just moved to Chicago, that midwestern city of the big shoulders, and is eager to explore and discover a new urban space. She’s saddened to leave Boston behind, but equally excited to see a larger city, one that has always had a friendly rivalry with New York. Several poems in this issue pay homage to Boston and Chicago as we editors navigate this transition. Two Cities continues, spread across highways and states and miles, and will continue to navigate the distance between emotional and urban spaces in all of us.
It’s fitting for our anniversary issue to feature stories and poems about parenthood. Many writers in this issue are struggling with what it means to be a father, or what it means to be a child, even as we grow older. You’ll find heart-wrenching stories in this issue, and exciting, experimental takes on poetry and storytelling. Two Cities has been our baby this year, but as it continues to grow and mature, it might start growing up in ways that surprise even us.
Happy reading!
Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon
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