Letter from the Editors: Issue 4, Winter 2014

WINTER’S BRUTALITY HAS INSPIRED OUR WRITERS THIS SEASON. There’s something in the air this December; we received many startling, vivid, and haunting poems this review cycle that made us shiver. We delighted in the ice, the snow, and the chapped lips that define both of our cities. There’s a way that cities of the north transform themselves in the winter that can be truly inspiring, and can shape our lives as well. We tend to hole up in Boston; you won’t see people’s faces for a while, as they scuttle from place to place in oversized parkas. In New York, though, there are always intrepid walkers being pushed and blustered down those legendary wind tunnel avenues.
Winter in the Northeast can bring out fascinating emotional states in writers. Even as we retreat to the warmest room of our apartments, we also turn inward, thinking about families, relationships, and our place in the city. We’re thinking about war and conflict; several of our stories in this issue tackle the heavy cost of war and the price paid on families and individuals as well as civilizations. We have spy thrillers and family dramas in this issue, all chilled by the cruelties we enact on each other and the lies we tell. Button up for a cold night, readers!