Issue 3 On Its Way, and an Exclusive Preview

Issue 3 has been burning up our computer screens this month, readers. It’s full of hot, exciting new poetry and prose that will get you geared up for the new season. We’re finalizing the issue and it will be dropping in the first week of September, so be sure to spread the word. In the meantime, here’s a little preview from one of our authors, the incomparable Brian Fanelli:

Brian Fanelli

Summer nights we pitched a pup tent
in grandma’s yard, pinched our noses
against the stink of skunks,
while we stretched out on the lawn,
gazed at the sky and hoped
for a flash of something unidentified,
a streak of colors unexplained.
We grew up on prime time X-files episodes,
wanted to be Mulder and Scully,
clenching flashlights, chasing the unknown down alleys.
Some nights we pondered the universe,
infinite, filled with other life, we said,
maybe dimension-hopping beings,
or time-traveling creatures.
We never saw triangle objects or bright lights,
just planes flying low,
a few shooting stars.
We passed out in sleeping bags as the sun
climbed over mountains and blue dawn
shined on the familiar and known.

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