Countdown: My 5th Favorite Read This Year Is…

We’re counting down the days left until we run out of time for our Kickstarter project, and we desperately need your support to launch. I’m also counting down my ten favorite reads this year. My 5th favorite read has hookups, breakups, and relationship mixups. Read on to find out that my 5th favorite read this year was…

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., Adelle Waldman

Waldman’s debut novel has gotten a lot of buzz this year, and for good reason. The author has taken on the challenge of capturing modern hipster Brooklyn life, but specifically from the perspective of a hipster Brooklyn man. In her deeply sensitive, intensely psychological portrait, she captures a great deal of the hypocrisy and under-the-rug sexism that still goes rumbling along through relationships today.

Main character Nathaniel imagines himself to be the modern, enlightened man — supportive feminist, sensitive boyfriend, friend to women. As a writer he preens and sees himself as the classic sensitive artist, able to see the shortcomings of others with a particularly sharp lens. He’s more or less completely unaware of the ways he still belittles, judges, and patronizes the women in his life, even the women he thinks he loves. The fundamental misunderstanding that still goes on between the sexes is the subject of this book, and I found Waldman’s portrayal to be clear-eyed, realistic, and cutting. It’s up to you to decide whether this is a send-up of contemporary Brooklyn life — or whether it’s a realistic portrayal.

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