Friday Reads

It’s a busy week for the editors of Two Cities Review! First on the Boston side of things, we enjoyed the controlled joy of winning the world series. Both of us were students in Boston during the initial, world-shattering 2004 world series win, and I know I remember how the entire city was swept up in that excitement. The front page of the Boston Globe was this single, primal roar of triumph.
But that’s old news — this week, our very own New York editor will be running in the New York marathon! You’ll be seeing her thoughts on the experience right here. You’ll also some thoughts on how the New York marathon brings up thoughts about the tragedy in Boston, now that we have arrived at the six month marker of those events. Stay tuned this week for both of our takes on marathons in our two cities.
It’s also time for the roundup of literary news for the week. Follow us on Twitter to find out what we’re reading and thinking, or you can get a short digest right here.

We’re Reading:

Andrew Wylie Interview : Literary Agent Makes Millions Off Highbrow
Freemium Access: A New Yorker piece on the strange moral quandries of mooching off others’ accounts
10 Receive Whiting Writers’ Awards
A Boy Who Played With Trains: a thoughtful piece by Richard Ford on his days as a train switchboard operator
An author slept here : Boston’s literary community pushes for a “literary cultural district.”
Too Many Heavens: On Travelogues to the Great Beyond

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