The Two Cities Story

We are Olivia and Blair, and we are writers living in two different cities.

We both grew up near Boston, and moved to New York for grad school. Then we split paths — Olivia stayed in Brooklyn, and I returned to Boston. But we knew we would keep a bridge between these two cities, and some part of both of them would always be our home. There are so many writers and artists out here who are shuttling back and forth along the coast, climbing and descending the hills, riding the Mass Pike, coasting down the George Washington bridge. We thought that nowadays, so many of us are multi – city people. We have grown up in one city, and matured in another; we have played in the parks of one town and frequented the bars of a different one. So many of us are living two lives, or are stretching our creative lives across bridges to different worlds.

We knew there were stories that we were missing in these bridged worlds! Stories we want told.

We started Two Cities as a way of telling those stories about bridging the gaps. So many of the stories of our lives aren’t rooted in one place or in one genre, even; they are balancing acts between cities and worlds. So many of us are on the high wire between stages of life, between old and new relationships, even between fantasy and reality.
That’s why we want your stories. We want to create a literary review with a truly unique vision — a place where boundaries between genre and form are crossed, where the past and the present converge, where we cross bridges into new stages of our lives. Where characters transform and truths are revealed.
So why not tell us your story? We are looking for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that tackles that leaving and the coming, the line that is crossed and the line we draw in the sand, the place of transfiguration. We are free and flexible in our interpretation of this theme; what we want most of all is to read, and to hear your stories. Two Cities will be a new source of stories to knock your socks off — and a place to reflect on the cities in your own life. You’ll see us writing here, as we ruminate on what it’s like to be a writer in the big city (or the little one); you’ll get great writerly resources for Boston and New York; and you’ll discover all the complex love of living in two cities at once.


  1. twocities says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your interest! To keep the issue a manageable read, we are trying to be strict about the 3,000 word limit. Try cutting down the piece or making it an excerpt and we’d love to read.

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