Letter from the Editors, Fall 2019, Issue 23

Dear readers,

With a new schedule of three issues for the year, we’ve got more flexibility and time to choose the best pieces for Two Cities. We’re delighted to present the fall issue to you, full of startling moments of clarity, insight, and raw human emotion. Our writers play freely with time, memory, and the power of nostalgia; they reflect on powerful rites of passage in their own lives, from early romance to childbirth to marriage to caring for one another in our old age. As always, our writers have submitted stories with a powerful sense of place as well; we’re inspired by the city squares and porch swings, parking lots and hospital rooms they have brought to such vivid life.

You can continue to enjoy audio recordings of our authors reading from their work on the feed for our podcast, as well as online, where all of these wonderful pieces can be read and shared. Consider submitting your next piece for our upcoming issue!

Happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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